Free Diagnostic, Estimate Computer Repair Huntington Beach

Free Diagnostic, Estimate Computer Repair Huntington Beach

We at HB Laptops offer free diagnostic on all computers to every one. We check them out and give a free estimate.

We believe no one should pay for estimate when they bring in there computer for repair. Here is why we don’t charge a diagnostic fee when we check computers:

  • We don’t get paid if we don’t fix the computer and we believe we deserve to get paid only when we fix the computer.
  • Free estimate should be part of the business.
  • We think its not fair to charge for diagnostic or estimate when we check computers for our ¬†loyal customers or new customers that will become loyal to us after we fix there computer.
  • We have been in business long enough to diagnose the computer in less time than any one else, in most cases it docent take more than 5 or 10 minutes to know whats wrong with the computer and give an estimate.
  • We are confident that will give the right estimate and we will earn the business so there is no need to charge for estimate.
  • If the computer is not worth repairing for what ever reason (too old or the amount of parts needed to fix it too many) we would rather to be honest with the customer and tell then in advance rather look at the money in there pocket and charge them $75 or $100 and then tell them your computer can’t be repaired, to us that is not a good business practice.

If you have a Laptop or Computer repair Problems bring your Computer to us and we will do the rest. HB Laptops is the best in the business when it comes to a Computer Repair, Look no further for Computer Repair Huntington Beach Computer Repair HB.

Here are few stories that happen to us with some of our customers.

I had one of my customers came o is after taking her computer to another computer shop in the area ( She couldn’t connect to the internet ) and they couldn’t fix it. This is not the problem, the prolem is they charge her $75 for diagnostic, still this is not the problem, they told her they have to install a new eatherrnet card and they will charge $175 in top of the $75. if You think this is the problem think again. after charging her $225 they told her it can’t be fixed and we can build a new computer for you for $700. She took her computer and brought it to us and explained what happen.

We quted her $100 to fix her computer no matter whats the problem. and thats only if it can be fixed and if we can’t fix it we will not get paid. Her problem was as easy as internet explorer 7. when they first released internet explorer 7 it has problem and in some cases it will prevent the computer from going online. We un installed internet explorer 7 and that fixed her computer problem.

Another Customer came to us with his laptop and his son broke the keys on his laptop keyboard, He took his laptop to another computer repair place in the area and they told him we will charge $50 diagnostic will apply to the repair hop when its done, he told him diagnose what !!! its broken keyboard, docent need sciance to feguire this out. We fixed his computer for $45.