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HB Laptops is leaders on apple / Mac repair.. We specialized on all Mac repair, software and hardware, Our team of trained technicians who you can trust Will professionally troubleshoot your Mac, Macbook Pro, iMac, G4 and G3 problem and Provide you with a solution for your Mac problem at a remarkably reasonable rate.

If you have any Macbook, Macbook Pro or iMac thats still under apple care we will fix it for you for FREE.

Why HB Laptops for your Mac Repair?

  • For in warranty Macbook, Macbook Pro and iMac Repair we fix hardware issues for no charge.
  • We have certified and factory trained technicians who you can trust with all your apple repair on all models.
  • We have years of hands-on MAC repair experience.

Hardware Support:

  • Out of warranty Apple repair & Hardware Upgrades
  • Upgrades of older Apple Systems. Macbook, G4
  • Hardware support for all Apple Notebooks and desktops including PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs, G4′s..ETC
  • Peripheral Trouble-Shooting.
  • We specialize in Macbook pro, Macbook, Imac and all apple Products repair.
  • If you have Macbook Pro or Macbook and need screen/LCD replacement,  HB Laptops is the place. We replaced so many LCD over the years.
  • We do all hardware repair and replacement for all mac computers.

Software Support:

  • Operating System Upgrades (OS 9, OS X, OS X Server and Panther Upgrades)
  • Messaging/E-mail trouble-shooting
  • Internet Connection trouble-shooting
  • Software Auditing & Licensing Compliance
  • Voice Recognition Technology
  • Mac to PC and Mac to Mac Conversions
  • Software Support, Installation for all APPLE programs.

We love to fix Macs and you will love working with us


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